Frequently Asked Questions regarding:

Directions, Key, Check In, etc., type questions

Does Arrowhead Accommodations have an office?
Arrowhead Accommodations does have an office in the Blue Jay Center at 27177 Hwy 189, Suite B.  However, the conformation we provide you gives you all the information you need to find your vacation rental property.  If you need any assistance finding your home, please call the phone numbers listed at the bottom of your confirmation. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way!

How do I work the key lockbox?
Each home is equipped with a lock box that has your key in it. This numerical code is house specific and changes frequently, so if you change your dates, you will need a new code. To operate the lock box, press the numbers of the code into the keypad. Pull down the open lever, and pull the lid towards you. The box will stay on the home. Your key is inside this box. To return the key and the lid, press the numerical code again and while depressing the open lever, gently replace the lid. This is a gentle motion. If you make a mistake, depress the clear button and start again. Please keep the key in the lockbox at all times. If your group goes its own way during the day, by leaving the key in the lockbox, everyone can then access the home by knowing the lock box code.

I am paid in full and have received my final confirmation, now what?
Just count the days! Don't forget to pack your confirmation—it has very important information in it—maps, key information, check in times, etc.

I forgot to put my map/key information in the car. What do I do now?
Call us. We can give you verbal directions over the phone, or if you prefer, stop at our office- we are located in the Mountain Country Real Estate office at 27177 Hwy 189 Blue Jay, as we have keep copies of our maps and your reservation there.

I have made my first payment, now what?
After we process your payment, you will receive a confirmation by email. If you do not have email, we will use snail mail, or fax. The next step will be clearly explained in your confirmation.

I have the map, the key code, and we are ready to go. Now what?
The map we send you has detailed instructions to find your home, as well as area attractions, shopping and resturants.

I haven't received a confirmation yet........why?
If you provided us with an email address upon making your reservation, your confirmation was sent to that email. If your e-mail account uses a junk e-mail filter, please be sure to check your junk mail folder periodically as you await your confirmation. On occasion we have heard from customers who did not realize that we sent them a reply because a junk mail filter intercepted our response. If you only have a snail mail address, then we will be putting your confirmation in the mail to you.

It is really late, and we forgot to put the map/key information in the car and it is past business hours what do I do?
Call us. We have an answering service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We will gladly give you verbal directions to your home.

When do I need to check out?
Check out time is 11am. If you would like a later check out, call us. However, sometimes, we simply won’t be able to extend the check out due to incoming guests. Before your departure we ask that you strip your used beds, do the dishes and put them away. Leave the home in the general condition that you found it.

When may I check into my Cabin/Home?
You may check into your home anytime after 4 pm. Use the directions outlined in your confirmation to get you to the home, and use the key code to get your key out of the box. Remember, Arrowhead Accommodations is a family run business, feel free to call us with any questions. If you arrive earlier than 4pm, we will gladly get you into the home as soon as we can. But it may take time to prep your home for your arrival. Because we want everything during your stay to be exceptional, we need the time to thoroughly clean your home. If your home is ready, we are happy to check you in early. If your home isn't quite ready, we will give you a time line for check in. We will, however, have your home ready for you by 4 pm! If you are here early, feel free to call us and we will see if your home is ready for you.

House Amenities Questions

Do the Cabins/Homes have long distance or internet?
Each home is different.  Lake Arrowhead has very good cell phone coverage, so hopefully you will not be inconvenienced if your rental home does not have a land line.  When you make your reservation, let us know if you need phone and Internet services, we can direct you to the homes that are best for you!

Upon arrival to your rental home,  check out your WELCOME book.  If your home does have Long Distance and Internet, you will find instruction in your book.

We need to leave a contact number for our dog/child/house sitter.
Contact us. We can give you the number to leave behind with those that are taking care of things while you are away!

What is included in the house?
Paper products, garbage liners, coffee pots & filters, microwaves, toasters, dishcloths, blankets, pillows, bathroom and kitchen soap (no washing machine soap). You provide the sheets and towels- although we can provide those as well for a reasonable charge.  Also for a reasonable charge we can stock your house with firewood, groceries, propane for the BBQ etc.  Just ask!


We are interested in owning a vacation property...
Please let us know!  We also own the Mountain Country Realty office in Blue Jay, we have several professional full times Realtors available to assist you.

We left something there. Will you ship it to us?
Of course! If you can, please help out with the costs to send it back to you.

What happens if I need emergency care while I am away?
We have a full service hospital in Lake Arrowhead.  If you need help at your home, use the sheet inside your Welcome Book that has the address of the home, as well as local emergency contact numbers to the police, fire, poison control, etc.

What happens if there is an emergency at the home I am staying in?   
Call - 9 1 1 - just as you would in your home, and then contact us from a phone outside of the home.

What if I have some questions or comments?
Excellent! Let us hear it! We love success stories and appreciate your taking the time to tell us how your family enjoyed their vacation here! While we strive for your total enjoyment, sometimes we need some feedback. We rely on your experience to improve if needed. We will also share any feedback you have with the homeowner.

What kind of laundry soap and cleaning products do you use?
We know that people often find cleaning products and laundry soap scents to be offensive, so we have done a lot of research and has found the perfect products to use to ensure that your vacation is perfect!   We use fragrance free,  earth friendly products.

Payments or Tax Questions

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, personal checks, money orders, or cash.

Is it OK if I make payments?

What if another member of our group wants to pay on the bill?
If they are paying with a Visa or Mastercard, please supply them with your reservation number. If they would like to pay by a check, please put the reservation number or your name in the Memo line.

What is Lodging Tax?
Lodging tax in San Bernardino County is 8%.  We collect this tax for the home owners and then it is paid to the County of San Bernardino Tax Collector.

When is our final payment due?
If you are paying with a Visa or Mastercard, you will need to call us 30 days prior to your arrival and give us your credit card information. If you are paying by a check, please mail in your check 35 days prior to your arrival. Please include either your reservation number or name on all correspondence.

Policies and Procedures

How do I know my reservation is secure?
From the date you made your reservation, you have 10 days to mail us your payment, if you chose to pay by personal check. Your reservation is considered secure for these initial 10 days. If you chose Visa or Mastercard, your reservation is secure the moment we process your request.

I haven't received a confirmation yet...why?
If you provided us with an email address upon making your reservation, your confirmation was sent to that email. If your e-mail account uses a junk e-mail filter, please be sure to check your junk mail folder periodically as you await your confirmation. On occasion we have heard from customers who did not realize that we sent them a reply because a junk mail filter intercepted our response. If you only have a snail mail address, then we will be putting your confirmation in the mail to you.

I see that you have minimum stays...can we come for less than your required stay?
Sometimes. If we can put you on the front end or back end of someone else's vacation we usually can do a shorter stay. In other cases, If we only have a shorter stay available, then we will gladly take your shorter stay. Sometimes, we even take your shorter stays in the mid and shoulder season, but we aren't able to give you the discounted rate. The best way to know the for sure answer is to call us. We are happy to help you!

I smoke. Do you have any homes that allow smoking?
No, unfortunately we do not. You are able to smoke outside, with a few rules: please pick up all butts and do not throw any on the ground; please clean up your ashtray before you depart; and please know that if there has been smoking inside the home, a fee of $250 will be automatically charged to your credit card to cover the cost of deodorizing the home.

I would like to make a reservation for next year, what do I do?
We are thrilled that you would like to come back next year! Please contact us to make sure that your home is available. We typically renew contracts with our homeowners from July to October, and until we receive the signed contracts back, your reservation is considered tentative. Once we receive the signed contract back, we will get with you for your payment.

Our party grew by a few more than expected...
We operate on County permits, and we are strictly bound to regulations. If the home sleeps 10, that is the max. amount of persons that we can have on the premises. We are in violation of our permit if there are more people than allowed. If your group expands, then we need to evaluate the situation and find a solution. Contact us; lets see what we can do for you!

Unfortunately, we need to go home a day or two early. What happens to those open days?
We are sorry to see you leave early. Let us know ASAP. We will try to get your unused nights rebooked! If you have given us more than 30 days lead-time to your vacation, you will be eligible for a refund. If you are within 30 days of your arrival (including being here when you discover you have to cut your trip short) we are only able to refund when we can re-rent your days. If your home sits empty, then we keep the rental money.

We want to bring another car/boat/trailer than what is listed on the parking allowances on the internet...
We have to respect the County and we have to respect the neighbors. If you have more than what is on the website, then contact us. We have overflow parking available.

What can I do to help fit in with the local residents?
To help fit in with the local residents, please keep to your own parking area, observe the quiet hours of 10 pm and 8 am, respect their privacy and their yards, and respect our rules of the house. Feel free to introduce yourself and make a new friend while you are here--but please do be considerate of them.

What happens if Mother Nature is in a bad mood?
Unfortunately do not have any control over Mother Nature, the Tooth fairy, or the Easter Bunny. We are not able to refund money due to any issue that is beyond our control.

What if I can't make it as planned?
CALL US ASAP! If you have given us more than 30 days lead time from the date you were set to arrive, then we will give you your deposit back minus a $25 cancellation fee. If you call us within the 30 days from the date you are set to arrive, then a refund will be given only if we are able to rent the home out. (We often have a waiting list, so if you can't make it for your timeframe, just call us and we will do the best that we can to book your house out for you.)

If you fail to call us and your home sits vacant, then you will be responsible for the full payment.

What if I have a winter cabin booked and the roads are so bad that I can't get there?
If we are having the storm of the century and the roads are closed, then we will work with you to chose different dates that you can come and enjoy the cabin/house!   Often the highways are just closed for a short amount of time, and if you check with caltrans automated phone system, 800.427.7623, you will know when you can head over to our direction!

Why do you want my email address?
We email your information. We will never sell, loan, or use your information for any other purpose than for your reservation(s).

Reservation Questions

HELP! You have so many that I am having a hard time deciding!
Let us help you! Call us and one of our reservation specialists will be able to help you decide upon your perfect home! We have all been into everyone of the cabins/homes, and we are very familiar with location, amenities, and can help you find the perfect spot! It will be helpful if you have a couple thoughts ready when you call....specifically, dates, amenities desired, # of people in your party, or will you be traveling with pets. With just these few basics, we can help you narrow the homes down to a few to make your choice much easier! We are here to help, so just give us a call!

How strict are you on your minimum stays?
Sometimes we can flex.....If we can put you on the front end or back end of someone else's vacation we usually can do a shorter stay. In other cases, If we only have a shorter stay available, then we will gladly take your shorter stay. Sometimes, we even take your shorter stays, but we aren't able to give you a discounted rate or in some cases we may require a below minimum service charge if you are only staying for one night. Call or email us and let us know your situation--we are happy to help you find the perfect solution to your shorter vacation needs!

I am ready to make a reservation what do I do now?
You can call us directly at 909.33RENTS (909.337.3687), toll free at 877.41RENTS  (877.417.3687) or click on this link to send us an email-

What if I can only stay 1 or 2 nights?
Often times we can accommodate your stays of 1 or 2 nights. You might not qualify for our lowest rates, but the best way to figure out if this is going to work for you or not, is to call us. Often, we are able to accommodate your request, but give us a call and lets see if we can make it work!

Ways to make your vacation PERFECT!

Can I buy groceries there?
Yes!  There is a Stater Brothers Grocery in the Lake Arrowhead Village and a Jensens Fine Foods in Blue Jay as well as convenience stores.  These locations will be marked on you map.  Also, our Concierage Services can do the shopping for you!  Just send us your shopping list.

Do you have smoking units?
No. All of our units and property are non smoking.

I haven't had time to prepare for my vacation what services do you provide to make it easier on me?
Email us your grocery list and we will shop for you! We can arrange a celebration cake, flowers, fudge, and more to be waiting for you when you arrive! Want something a little different perhaps a massage appointment? Just ask!  We have personal Chefs that will prepare meals for you and leave them in your refridgerator.  Just ask!

May I bring a pet?
Some of our homes allow pets, some don’t. Contact us.  We will need to know what kind, how many etc.  Some homes do not allow pets; this may be due to new carpets, no yard for the pooch to do its business, or the homeowners have strong pet allergies. Please respect the homes that have chosen to cater to the 2 legged vacationers and choose a home that wants to welcome the 4 legged vacationers.  Please do not wait until you arrive to let us know that fido has accompanied you.

My home is pet friendly, what are my responsibilities?
Keep the pooch on a leash while outside. •Keep the poo picked up and disposed of it by placing it in a small plastic sack, and put it in the garbage can. •Keep the pooch off the furniture and off the beds. •Do not leave your pooch in the home unless contained in a crate, and do not allow your dog to bark. •Read the pet policy and email us (or print it and mail it) that you agree to the pet policy outlined.

We want to have an outside fire and roast some marshmallows...
Sorry, but we can't have outside campfires. You will be staying in a heavily wooded area, and fires can be very dangerous.

We want to leave the house for the day, what should we do?
Before you leave for the day, please turn down the heat and turn off the lights.

What happens if I need assistance while I am at the house?
Arrowhead Accommodations is a family business.  We rely heavily on the use of the phone and Internet.  If you are experiencing an emergency, contact the numbers provided on your confirmation, or in the cabins. We have an excellent support staff of people that will gladly help you.

What is the weather forecast?
We check the local weather forecast on and find their 10 day forecast to be very accurate.  Use either Lake Arrowhead CA  or 92352.  Also, check out the weather cam on  to see what it looks like right this minute.

What is there to do in the San Bernardino Mountains?
Visit our attractions page or the Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce website-

Property Management Questions

Can I still use my home if it is on the Arrowhead Accommodations Rental Program?
Of course!  Block out the days you and your family plan to enjoy the mountains and we will do our best to fill in rentals around your dates.

Guest Comment Books
We will statistically track and report to you a detailed summary of all comment cards received from guests staying in your rental. You will be able to see exactly what your quests are saying about your vacation property.

Home owner Newsletter
Our semiannual newsletter is packed with local marketing trends, helpful hints on how to maximize your rentals, tips on maintaining your valuable vacation rental, and calendar of upcoming local events.

Detailed Statements
Your monthly statement shows all rentals, deductions and expenses, as well as all future reservations on the books. Compare it to our competition. You will see that we believe in providing you with full disclosure of all rental activity in your unit.

What is the San Bernardino County Short Term Private Home Rental Permit?
Vacation rental properties in the San Bernardino Mountains are required to meet the standards and conditions outlined by the County of San Bernardino .  If your home has been on a rental program previously, your permit is transferable with no action necessary, other than to provide us a copy of your permit.

If you have not rented your home previously, we can assist you with the application and process.  The application fee is $155 and the Biennial Renewal is $124.  We are happy to provide you with the application and procedure outline.  We think you will agree that the permit is an excellent way to maintain to protect you, your renters and your neighbors.