Turn Down Service
Coming up to the mountains late in the day?  We’ll go over and turn on the lights and the heater for you.  Not bringing your own linens?  We can supply them for you for a reasonable fee- let us know what you need!

An Extra Key
Never worry about getting to the mountains without your key!  We’ll keep an extra key locked securely in our office for you in case of an emergency.

Fire Wood Bundles
Pre-order your firewood bundles and we’ll have them at the house when you arrive.  Each bundle includes a mixture of woods, a starter, kindling and matches.  Bundles measure approximately 18”x18”x18.   $15 each

Housekeeping Services
Our house keepers are the best on the mountain.  If you need housekeeping services during your stay, please just let us know!  Our housekeepers work in teams of 2-3 or 4 cleaners and will be in and out of your house before you know what’s happened!  They charge $15 per cleaner per hour. 

Snow Removal Services

Grocery Shopping
Email us your grocery list and we’ll have the place stocked and ready for your arrival.  Let us help you enjoy more of your time with your friends and family. 

Personal Chef
It’s not always easy to get everyone to a particular restaurant all at the same time- let us give you some yummy options!  We can prepare one meal or a whole weeks worth of meals for you.   We will bring your entrees and sides in oven ready containers and instructions so you can enjoy them when you are ready.

What can we do for you?
What can we do to make your time in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains more, enjoyable?  More relaxing?  Please don’t hesitate to call us!   Just share your needs and we’ll do our best to have a solution for you!